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"My wish for you is that you have the freedom to do what you want, when you want, without ever worrying about money."-Dr.Ann


  About  Dr. Ann

Yes, I have plenty of initials in front and behind my name, but when I was a young enlisted member in the military, I didn’t always make smart decisions when it came to my money. Research has indicated 54% of military personnel live paycheck to paycheck. Unfortunately, I was part of that statistic for many years. After securing a high-interest loan, I purchased my first car although I didn’t know how to drive it. On top of that, I maxed out the limits on all my department store credit cards.

All of that behavior changed when I unexpectedly became a single mother after a failed marriage. I didn’t want to continue feeling constantly stressed out from my lack of discipline around my finances. Instead, I wanted to buckle down and focus on providing a happy and stable life for my daughter who was later diagnosed with Autism. With a made-up mind and a plan of action, I was able to pay off over $24,000 in consumer debt. I now own my home free and clear by paying off $180,0000 in mortgage debt in 3.5 years, paid cash for a car, and go on annual vacations with friends and family. In my opinion, that’s financial freedom and if I can do it...YOU CAN TOO!!!!

​I truly believe that knowledge is power and since retiring from the Air Force, I’ve earned a Doctorate of Education in Organizational Leadership from Grand Canyon University and completed the rigors requirements to be recognized as an Accredited Financial Counselor. 

As your personal battle buddy, we can begin the journey to financial freedom by conquering your money together!


"I started a financial coaching business because I wanted to show other women that despite their past life experiences, that they too can regain control over their money and confidently navigate their journey towards living a financially free life." 

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