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Conquer Your

8 Week Program

In the Conquer Your Debt Program, you will go from a Debt Worrier to a DEBT WARRIOR without feeling deprived.

Starts April 12, 2023 | Wednesdays 6 -7:15p EST via Zoom| $1,500

Step 1: Discover

We are going to identify your deepest desires that will transform your relationship with money, so that you can create financial  freedom for yourself.

Step 2: Organize

We are going to build your financial foundation, so that you can FREE up money each month while letting go of feelings of deprivation.

Step 3: Design 

 We are going to create a personalized plan that aligns with your beliefs and values, so that you can take steps towards reaching your debt freedom destination.

 If you want to get rid of your debt, so that you can start your journey towards a life of financial freedom, you are in the right place!

Does this sound familiar?

  • You’re tired of pretending that everything is all good, but in reality, you know your debt is out of control.


  • You’re ready to stop sacrificing to survive, and would rather start thriving, financially.


  • You’re overwhelmed from trying to conquer your debt on your own, but you don’t know who you can trust or go to for guidance.


  • You’ve gotten out of debt before but can’t figure out how to stay out for good.

I want you to know your feelings are valid and you don't have to go at it alone. When you work with me to get rid of your debt, -your future could look a little something like this:

  • A greater sense of peace and happiness while living your best life

  • An intentionality about how you save and spend money

  • Leaving a legacy of freedom for your loved ones

  • Crossing off dreams on your bucket list, without the stress of worrying about how to pay for them

  • You’ll start paying yourself first instead of creditors

  • You’ll stop feeling shame and start building your Self Worth and Net Worth

If you’ve read this far and you’re nodding your head and saying to yourself  “Yep, that’s me.”, then I know you might still be telling yourself:

  • I feel like I’m drowning in debt and I don’t see any way out of it so why bother. I’m here to remind you that you didn’t get into debt overnight so you won’t get out of it overnight either. However, please believe that if you execute your plan, persistence and perseverance will pay off.

  • I’m smart, I can just Google it and figure this out on my own. I totally agree that you are smart and you can find pretty much anything on Google. However, there’s nothing like receiving guidance from a financial expert that has been in your shoes and is now on the other side. Also being a part of a tribe of like-minded and like-hearted women is the key to lasting success. No journey is meant to be traveled alone.

  • I make good money and I can afford the monthly payments so it’s no big deal. Just imagine if you were paying yourself all of the money you are paying towards credit cards/loans. In reality, your income is your greatest financial freedom tool.  But when you have debt, you're unable to truly experience financial freedom because you’re too busy spending your hard earned income to pay for the past, instead of paying yourself and investing in your future..

  • Everyone has debt; it's the American way. In case you haven’t guessed it yet, keeping up with the Jones’ is exhausting. In this case, it’s fun to be a part of the minority instead of the majority.

Freedom Success Stories

Dr. Ann came into my life at a time when I was going through MAJOR transitions that included a divorce. Even after filing for bankruptcy, I was still left with a mountain of debt and a new lifestyle that I had to manage.


Dr. Ann proved herself to be an invaluable coach and guide. She held my hand through the process and did not judge nor condemn me. She DID, however, challenge me to be "the best me" when making financial decisions.  I am not gonna lie, in the beginning, it was tough - just like with anything else new. But over time it became easy, even second nature. Because of her expertise, I was able to soundly decide how, when, and where to appropriate my funds.


Her method opened up a whole new world of freedom for me where I no longer lived check to check. I always knew the state of my finances. In fact, last year I traveled more than I ever have WITHOUT credit and totally debt-free. I still apply the principles that Dr. Ann taught me and continue to live a debt-free life where I actually have money available for emergencies, travel, and random expenses. I highly recommend Dr. Ann to anyone who wants to control their finances instead of their finances controlling them.


Dr. Cassie Lockhart, Cassie Lynn Ministries LLC,


My wife and I made good money, but we were overwhelmed with the amount of debt we had scattered all over the place. However after 6 months of working with Dr. Ann, we finally got on the same page when it came to our money and we were able to eliminate over $32,000 in debt! The best part of it all is that we are now able to save to purchase a new home, and take our daughters on a Disney cruise. We are no longer weighed down by debt and are super excited about our future.


Amanda and Adam Cross, U.S. Navy

Image by Camila Cordeiro

 In the Conquer Your Debt Program, I help you go from a Debt Worrier to a DEBT WARRIOR using a simple 3 step process

Read More >

These 3 steps are the process and framework that I have taught over 100 military and non-military individuals and families. And you know what else? It worked for me too. I used this exact same process to pay off over $300,000 in debt in 3 years, which included a mortgage!


In the Conquer Your Debt Program, you will: 

  1. Build habits that provide security, stability and surplus (because we all know - new habits are the way to changing your financial future)

  2. Release the burden of debt, so that you can live life freely and fully!

  3. Celebrate your wins because it's all about progress NOT perfection

Are you a good fit for the Conquer Your Debt Program?

  • Do you have at least $5k in credit card or loan debt? (Not including student loans or mortages)


  • Are you a woman who has served, is currently serving in the military, or military spouse? 


  • Are you tired of trying to get rid of debt on your own and want a financial expert that is debt-free herself?

If you answered YES to these three questions, then I invite you to enroll in the Conquer Your Debt Program. This is a small group experience for those who want to work directly with me on creating a debt-free payoff plan that allows you to still enjoy life.

The Conquer Your Debt Program also includes:

  • A personalized debt payoff roadmap you can live with that guides you towards your DEBT FREEDOM DATE!

  • Editable money system templates and spreadsheets

  • 8 live sessions (via zoom) for a small group experience that allows you to be seen and heard, not lost in the masses. Real-time & actionable feedback provided.

  • One 30 minute Next Steps and Future Planning call

Conquer Your Debt Program Investment

For just $1,500, we are going to jump start your debt-free journey while getting you financially STRESS-FREE at the same dang time!

If you don’t become debt-free now, what might it cost you?

Listen, here’s a dose of tough love for you: The longer you wait to take action to get rid of your debt once and for all, the longer you will continue to feel trapped and unable to live a life of freedom.


I remember how stressed out I was about money once my daughter was diagnosed as having special needs. As a single parent, the majority of the responsibility fell on my shoulders, and I didn’t see a way out. I was ashamed of how much debt I owed; and at times I felt like a failure as a woman and a mother. My sister, I don’t want that for you!


Don't just take my word for it. Read what others are saying...


“The financial coaching I received from Dr. Ann was exceptional. I am retired and live on a fixed budget. Prior to being coached by Dr. Ann, I lived from paycheck to paycheck. When it came to my larger bills, I would charge them to my credit card. I was also an impulse buyer. Due to Dr. Ann's coaching, I now budget. I give every dollar a purpose. She also showed me how to budget for those larger expenses so that I no longer have to charge them to credit. When the bills come due, I already have the money to pay them. Prior to my coaching, my savings was in the hundreds, now my savings are in the thousands. I no longer make impulse purchases because if I don’t have the budget in my budget, I don’t get it.”


Darlene H, Retired Army Veteran


“About a year ago, I vividly remember the anxiety of answering the phone because I knew it was from bill collectors. I was hesitant to seek help at first because as a 28-year-old single mother of two, I prided myself with my independence. But I knew I couldn’t take anymore and continue living the way I was. That's when I decided to reach out to Dr. James and I don't regret it one bit. She used her personal experience to make me feel safe and at ease while discussing my finances.  As the expert, she asked about my financial goals and provided me with resources to gain my independence back. By working with Dr. James, I feel like I invested in the generational wealth for my family.”


Q. Williams

Soldier in Uniform
Mom and Son

Your next action step is to enroll!

$2,997 / ONE TIME

$1,498.50 / 2 MONTHS


Meet Your Mentor

Hey Hey! I’m Dr. Ann James, a real estate investor and founder of Financial Freedom Buddies Buddies. As a small and mighty investor, I own and manage properties in Georgia and Alabama. I’m on a mission to equip and empower individuals with the specialized knowledge and skills necessary to take control of their financial future through real estate investing. 

Upon retiring from the Air Force, I  went on to earn a Doctorate of Education. Additionally, my love for financial education, has led to me  being featured by WELLS FARGO, USATODAY, and THE PENNY HOARDER. As an Accredited Financial Counselor® and Certified Financial Fitness Coach® , I truly believe that knowledge is power and building generational wealth is our birthright.

In my cherished moments of free time, I find joy in exploring the world, particularly through cruising adventures. I also  treasure the moments spent with her family and friends.

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